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Hello from Haven Creative! The HC blog features inspiration on design, branding and marketing artfully curated by our team of professional developers, designers and communication experts. 


Product Development and Color Trends

Jeni Bukolt

When developing a product, staying abreast of the latest color trends is an integral part of the development process. It's likely you won't be able to sell something that doesn't coordinate with the mass marketplace, but at the same time, different regions are attracted to different colors. So I am curious to know, how do you choose your product colors? Do you look at trends in the marketplace, what's hot on the runway, or do you trust your gut and go with your own design style?

When I started out in product design, sites like WGSN Fashion Trend Forecasting and pantone was our go to for color resources. If you don't already know, then you will want to check out Pantone for color trend reports and more.

While Pantone certainly is a great resource for upcoming and current trends in fashion, you also have to know your marketplace. I've lived and developed product in Los Angeles, Phoenix and small-town suburbs in North Carolina and I will say that it takes a bit longer for color trends to roll out in the south. When I develop products for Handcrafted by Haven Creative, I use a combination of resources. I seek out the latest trends, but I try to get to know my customers likes and dislikes and trust my design instinct when picking color for my product.

Do you have a color resource or trend report that you use? I love to be inspired- comment below!