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Hello from Haven Creative! The HC blog features inspiration on design, branding and marketing artfully curated by our team of professional developers, designers and communication experts. 


Branding Examples

Jeni Bukolt


Not all those who start a business are necessarily marketing saavy, at least not initially.  With all the buzz words that surround the subject – brand, promotion, logo – it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin.  But since I’ve previously discussed on here what branding actually is, I thought it might be helpful to give some examples to further your understanding.

1)   Tiffany’s.  Ah, that pretty, coveted Robin’s egg blue box with a white bow.  Come on ladies, does it get any better?!  Without even knowing what’s inside, we assume it’s of the highest quality, remarkably beautiful, and equally expensive.  If branding is largely established by public perception, then the Tiffany brand is killing it!

2)   Target. I can’t think of a person that doesn’t enjoy a good trip to Target.  We call that “Mom’s Night Out” in my house!  Target’s brand is not only ubiquitous, but often referenced with it’s own endearing nickname, “Tar-je”.  It’s French.  For amazeballs.  But seriously, Tar-je is an allude to the public’s expectation of the brand’s affordability coupled with it’s attractiveness.  In other words, we can pretty much find anything and everything we need in Target, and more than likely, we can afford to buy it too. 

3)   Pottery Barn.  When I was selling my last house, my realtor described the home as, “Pottery Barn perfection” in the marketing materials.   Was my entire house outfitted in PB furnishings?  Hardly.  But referencing the brand, synonymous with common feelings of beautiful home décor, was a[successful] effort to endear my prospective buyers to my home. 

Think of all the brands out there that instantly make you feel something.  Have you established your brand?  What does it say about you and how you’re perceived by your audience?  Contact us if you’re not sure! 

Haven Creative specializes in creating and changing brand perceptions to help our clients connect with their customers.